Copper Country ISD CTE student wins gold at state SkillsUSA competition

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) – A student who participates in programs offered by the Copper Country ISD Career & Technical Education recently received recognition at a state-wide competition. Automotive Technology student Zander Worm, a senior and 2021 co-valedictorian at Calumet High School, won a gold medal for the Michigan SkillsUSA Overall Automobile competition. This is a huge accomplishment for Zander and the CTE program as a whole, according to a press release sent out by Copper Country CTE.

All SkillsUSA competitions have been held virtually this year, but they continue to rigorously test students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. In the overall competition, students completed a hands-on assessment which required them to diagnose an electrical board while being judged in real time using live video technology. Students also took a 60-minute written examination about major vehicles systems. Additionally, everyone was required to identify safe shop practices and interpret a Material Safety Data Sheet. Lastly, Worm provided a resume as part of the competition.

David Narhi, CCISD CTE Automotive Technology Instructor said, “Having a student win a State level SkillsUSA competition is fantastic, it’s unbelievable as we’ve never had a student go so far.” Narhi continued, “Zander will now continue to the national competition held this summer virtually from Nashville, Tennessee, which is very exciting for him and our program. “

When asked what it meant to win the State SkillsUSA competition, Worm said, “It feels really great to win, I’m surprised and humbled, but this is what we have been working for here and it means a lot to me.”

Worm continued about what it means to represent the Copper Country ISD CTE program, “This program has done a lot for me, it has taught me a lot of things and helped me learn a lot of skills. (The SkillsUSA win) is an opportunity to give back by bringing recognition to the program which means a lot to me also.”

David Narhi continued about students in CTE, “When students have their head in the game as far as what they want to achieve, they have the ability to go places with CTE.”

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