Mental health expert suggests therapy to help with COVID-19 stress

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Hitting that 60% threshold will be a huge step in the road back from the pandemic.

That’s as we approach July 1st when nearly all broad COVID-19 restrictions and mandates in Michigan will be off the books completely.

We’ve been waiting for that moment for what will be close to a year and a half, but as our lifestyles changed so did our minds.

It’s something the state health director is reminding people on Wednesday:

Clinical Mental Health Therapist Elizabeth Allen suggests to listen to your body when you’re in a new situation.

“One clue that I always talk about with my clients is listening to my body. So listening to your body, noticing how do you feel when you’re kind of talking about plans for the summer or thinking about going back to work. If you notice that you’re starting to feel tense, maybe just taking a minute taking a pause and being honest about it,” said Allen.

Before the pandemic Allen says studies showed that 80% of people deal with anxiety now she believes that number to be much higher.

“A lot of people are really, really struggling because we are not united in this it’s a very divided thing, and the one thing that unites us all is that it affects everyone.”

Allen says if you’re unable to figure out what works best for you there are resources available.

Tawanna Anderson with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Genesee County says there are free resources people can use.

“We’ve all been in our home so you definitely need someone to talk to that can help you transition back into that space. We have support groups. We have classes where you can learn about mental conditions and things like that.”

To find more details about NAMI click on the link, HERE.

To find more details about the state resources, click on the link, HERE.

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