Taking a look back at Farm Tech Days

EAU CLAIRE CO., Wis. (WEAU) -After drawing thousands of people to Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days has officially wrapped up.

This year’s Farm Technology Days in Eau Claire County is not a first for Mark Hagedorn. That happened back at 1987′s show in Barron County when it was called the Farm Progress Days.

Since then, he’s been to more than 15 shows and helped plan two of them.

“All of them are special and the uniqueness of each one is what makes them that kind of special,” Hagedorn said.

Over the years some things have changed.

“You’d have to admit attendance to farm shows in the past were a little more robust then they are now, but we had more farmers in those days,” Hagedorn said.

Another difference: Wisconsin agriculture has become more diverse from crops to farm sizes.

There’s a pretty big shift in what’s considered cutting edge technology from the 80s to now.

Some things though never change.

“Just to be able to do some relationship building, develop good ideas– just where you can go to get some answers and who to talk to if you happen to have a question that is maybe just a little bit beyond you,” Hagedorn said.

As the final visitors walk through this year’s show, a team is at work to keep the legacy going.

“We’ve been going for two years already,” said Dennis Roehl, a dairy famer in Clark County who will be a host for next year’s Farm Technology Days. “When we actually started, it was 1,000 and some days until our event, so now we are less than a year, so we’re getting pretty excited.”

Roehl said Eau Claire County’s show will be a tough act to follow.

You can catch Farm Technology Days next year July 12 through July 14 in Clark County.

All proceeds from this year’s show are going to fund youth scholarships, grants and programs.

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